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Leroy Elementary’s Penny Harvest Benefits Cat Care Society and Pets For Patriots

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
The students of Leroy Elementary in Northglenn selected Cat Care Society and Pets for Patriots to receive proceeds from their ‘Penny Harvest’ project this year.

In turn, CCS recently received a check for$900 “harvested” from pennies collected by the Leroy students from family and friends during the past school year. Under the guidance of fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Harvey, the students also collected and brought in$250 worth of cat food and litter to the shelter as part of their project. Students toured CCS on Saturday, May 24th, and, of course, petted and played with the shelter cats.

A national program of the Young Philanthropists Foundation, Penny Harvest started earlier in the school year when the Leroy students voted on the areas of focus for their project. They picked animals and military. Next, a round table of third through fifth graders researched possible charities and came up with seven that came to the school, made presentations and answered questions from the students (among them Suellen Scott, Margaret Phillips and Puma the cat from CCS on April 3). Afterward, they voted again to select the two winning charities.

Quoting from the Foundation website: “The Penny Harvest is not a fundraiser, it is a FREE, school-based citizenship and leadership service-learning program that integrates with the school calendar. Students harvest “idle pennies” from family and friends, use those funds to make microgrants to nonprofit organizations, and participate in corresponding service projects. Unlike other coin harvesting programs, Penny Harvest gives students total autonomy to decide where the money should go. Through this character-building experience, students learn the importance of civic engagement, philanthropy and teamwork and develop a greater understanding of their classmates, their school and their community, as well as the needs of others around them.”

Thank you, Leroy Elementary students for caring about animals and the military, and in turn harvesting pennies to help both Cat Care Society and Pets for Patriots this year!

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