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Cat Behavior and More

Cat Behavior and More

Educating the public about cat behavior, overpopulation, spaying and neutering, and responsible care of pets is an important way to spread the philosophy of Cat Care Society. By reaching people of all ages, we hope to see more cats spayed and neutered, more abandoned cats taken in, fewer cats abandoned, and many more cats placed in the good homes they deserve. It is hoped that teaching people about kindness to pets and the enrichment that pets can give us will extend into other areas of their lives as well. Please contact the shelter to schedule one of our presentations for your group. We also offer information on the topics below for education purposes.

Cat Behavior
Caring for Your Cat
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Visit HelpingKitty.com for behavior information and products you need to understand, prevent, and manage your pet's behavior. We trust the Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists there for effective, scientific, state of the art help..

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