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Shelter Statistics

Cat Care Society is a member of the Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance (MDAWA), which was formed in 2000 by public and private animal service providers in order to better assist pets and people and to reach a common goal ‒ reducing euthanasia by increasing the number of animals adopted and reunited with their owners at shelters throughout the community. The Live Release Rate is the percentage of dogs and cats rescued by animal care and control agencies that are successfully reunited with their owners or adopted. For more about the Alliance and the Live Release Rate, visit the MDAWA website.

Year in Review: 2018


  • 574 cats came into our care
  • 504 cats went to loving homes
  • 27 other live outcome
  • Live release rate: 97%


  • 187 adult cat adoptions
  • 290 kitten adoptions
  • 27 cats were returned to their owners/ released


  • Transfers from other shelters: 27%
  • Temporary Care: 17%
  • Strays: 44%
  • Surrenders: 14%

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