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Subsidized Veterinary Care Program

It is our goal to provide high quality healthcare to every cat that comes through our doors, regardless of their owner’s income level. The Cat Clinic at Cat Care Society offers a Subsidized Veterinary Care Program to help us achieve that goal. Owners who need some extra help affording their pet's medical care may seek financial assistance through our Subsidized Veterinary Care Program.

Clients approved for this program are eligible for the following:

• Medical Services – 50% discount applied

• Prescription Medications – 50 % discount applied

*Note: NO discounts are applied to retail items or prescription foods. These products are already listed at the most affordable prices we can offer.

Apply to the Subsidized Veterinary Care Program:

1. Before your appointment begins, you will need to supply current identification AND proof of public assistance (example: Medicaid card, see below for complete list)

2. A Clinic employee will verify your identification and proof paperwork match up, are currently valid, and will note the discount in your cat's chart.

3. The discount will be valid until the proof of public assistance expires (example: until the expiration date on the Medicaid card). The discount can be renewed, you will simply need to bring identification and new valid proof of public assistance.

Proof of Public Assistance:

- "Adult Financial" (CO)

- Colorado Child Care Assistance Program

- Food Assistance / SNAP

- Head Start

- Medicaid

- Social Security supplemental income / disability *Social Security retirement benefits do not qualify you for a low-income discount

- Section 8 Housing

- Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

- Unemployment


If appropriate proof cannot be supplied, or if you have additional questions, please contact us for additional information.

If a discount cannot be offered, you can rest assured knowing that our base prices are still extremely affordable. Contact us if you need specific pricing information prior to your appointment.

* Full payment is expected at the time of service. We do not offer payment plans. We reserve the right to discontinue services to clients who fail to pay their bill.

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